Friday, June 27, 2014

The creative power of the spoken word...

Words are things! Words are forceful and potent. There is no greater way to exert influence over our world and circumstances other than through the power of the spoken words.
Little wonder that when believers become spirit-filled one of the first things God gives to them is utterance.
(1) utterance in tongues
(2) prophetic utterances.
Through our utterance in other tongues we are able to gain access into the secret mysteries and wisdom of God. We are able to build up ourselves, improve ourselves and strengthen ourselves. when we pray in other tongues we speak both the tongues and angels.
Through prophetic utterance in our known tongue we are able to create, recreate and dominate our world.
Through the spoken word we bless, build, cast down, destroy, uproot, execute judgement, dominate, rule and prevail.
The bible compares the tongue to the needle in a ship. Through the spoken word we are able to chart our course and stir our lives in the right direction.
God is first introduced to us as  a speaking God.   

Friday, November 22, 2013


God created the form of a man from the dust of the earth. At that point it was still just a form. Nothing more, just a form of God's dream-man. A lot of people's dream isn't anything more than that. Just dreams. A lot of people's written goals isn't more than that. Just written goals. But we are shown a very important principle in Genesis chapter 2 on how to give life to your dreams.
God breath into his DREAM-man, and it became a living soul. Wow! God's dream leap into being when God breadth into it. Your dream too can leap into being. It will come alive!
God breadth the Spirit of life into into His dream. Jesus said His spoken words are Spirit and life or Spirit of life. Since spoken words are spirit of life or breadth of life, then it must mean that God simply spoke life into His dream and it came into being.
As dreamers and Visionaries, we must learn to constantly speak life into our dreams. Speak life into your written goals. When you do, they get translated from being just written goals to living realities! Your goals become animated when you speak life into them. SPEAK LIFE CONSTANTLY INTO YOUR DREAMS AND LIFE GOALS BY CALLING THOSE THINGS THAT BE NOT AS THOU THEY WERE.

The second time we see God breathing life  was in John chapter 20. He breadth on the 12 Apostles. Here He was also teaching and important principle. As people on a mission, we constantly need to be around people that will breath life into us just like Jesus did with those 12 men on a mission. We can't afford to ever run out of inspiration. We can't run on empty. We need to hang around people that will constantly breadth life into us. One of the most important relationships to keep is with people who can INSPIRE us. People whose words energizes us and clarify our vision. People who can INSPIRE us.

Getting Courage!

One weakness God has had to deal with in every man in whose life He does a work of any magnitude is fear. God has always spoken a fear not to His men. He told Abraham to fear not. He told Isaac to fear not. He told Jacob to fear not. He told Joshua to fear not. He told the prophets to fear not. He told the Apostles to fear not. He is saying to you too to fear not. FEAR NOT IS A LANGUAGE OF GOD.
Some one once said that there are 365 fear nots in the bible. A fear not for each day.
Fear wasn't originally a part of human nature. Fear resulted from the fall of man in the garden. After Adam fell in disobedience to God, he began to use the language of fear. He told God, ' I heard your voice and was afraid...'
Every one who has done anything of worth have acted in the opposite direction of their fear. They moved against the torrent of their fear.
In contrast to fear Jesus says to you:
Have faith
Be strong and courageous
Be as bold as a lion.
Only believe!
Friends, never never let fear stop you. HAVE FAITH

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When the Time to Make a move is now...(PART 1)

A lot of times people are too chickened to seize their destinies. I have discovered some reasons some would prefer the comfort of their cocoon to soaring up in the sky where there are no bounds...They are as follows:
1. Inertia - Inertia is the natural tendency to prefer your comfort zone to any demand placed on you to stretched yourself beyond mediocrity
2. The lion in street syndrome - This is the fear of what could go wrong if you dare pursue a big hairy and audacious goal in life. These eventually develops excuses why any new initiative is impossible. Live above the excuses.
3. People's opinion and evaluations of you- sometimes people's opinions of you and their evaluation could make you develop a complex which paralyzes you altogether. Never let peoples opinions become the yardstick with which you measure your capabilities
4. The giant in the land- sometimes people get intimidated at the thought of those who are alraedy there.  you must realise that all enterprise started from scratch and every giant was born a baby. If you take a first step, you little dream-seed will grow into a giant oak too.
5.Mental set-points- These are limitations we have placed on ourselves. Usually we do not expect anything over and above these. These are the limits of our imaginations and dreams. Know that God can do far beyond ehat you could ever ask or dream.
(to be continued)

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Everyone has got buried within him, lasting solution to  aching cris somewhere. No one is  empty.
By design, every one has got a value to add. This in turns brings rich fulfillment and commands amazing rewards.
Wondering what you have got to offer? I wil help. I have a simple formular to help you take inventory of yourself, and help you resolve once and for all that you are more that you know, because yo hold such an unimaginable potential.
I will use a simple acronym i call SHAPE. this concept was made vibrant within me, by the best seling author, Rick warren.
S, stands for your spiritual gift. You have got a gift of grace imparted in to you as  a result of your relationship with Christ. God expects you to minister it. As you take on differnt ministry reponsibilities, you will ultimately come to find where you are best gifeted. Flow in it, and you will turn out an amazing blessing to others.
H atands for your heart. What have you got a heart for. What is your passion. What is your motivations. What is your motive. Encapsulated in your passion is God's calling upon your life. yo must follow your heart with dogged commitment.
A, is your abilities. What can you do naturally? What have you learnt to do? The skills of a man brings him success. your skills and ability. be they natural or learnt abilities are the edge with which you cut in life. Get skilled. Enhance your skills and charge forward.
P is for your personality. A lot of peoples personality has been the key that opened doors of opportunities. No matter how you are, you will sell if yopu know how to brand yurself.
E are your eperiences. Turn your eperiences into assets. a lot have turn their grace to grass experiences into assets. others have sieze the market with a grace to grass experience. The key is to extract the lessons from the experiences, and then tell the lessons.
Start today to begin to tae inventory of yoursef. Passionately pray to God to give you insights into his gifts and calling upon you. Brand yourself. Create the market for what you have got. This will gretly bless your world and bring glory to God.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Visionaries  see beyond what their eyes can look. They make realities out of  their imaginations.
They translate invisible realities into concrete realities. They bridge the gap between the present and the future.
Vision is defined as ability to see into the invisible. It makes more sense when you realise that all that is,  presently, at a time only existed  in the realm of the unseen.
All that is are product of the imagination. The imagination is God's gift to men with which we create great possibblities. The realm of the imagination is where there are no impossibilities or limitations. When we begin to creatively engage our imagination, then there will be no telling how far reaching and effective we will become.
visionaries are men of action. while others wait for things to happen, they venture into the future. They take the risks others would not take.